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Taken May 18, 2010.

24th @Mission Street in San Francisco, CA.

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parts of the fender were in the trunk. i can’t believe someone thought they would get away with this.

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"Revenge of the Nerds," HHC (1992)

here, here

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Not sure if this is the work of the person who makes all the NOTART but I decided to take a picture, just the same.

Franklin Street, Lower Allston

NOT ART on the wall of the old Brattle Theatre, Church Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge.


big buck hunter @ whitehaus

Hey, I know that guy.

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Maths posters in the London Underground designed at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences for the World Mathematical Year 2000.


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Bright eyes, clean brains: sleep might scrub away gray matter waste

It’s long been known that sleep, much like eating or breathing, is a vital process for humans and animals. Insufficient shut-eye in people impairs cognition, curbs energy levels, and has been linked to a bevy of illnesses. But while scientists have explored myriad mechanisms that might explain why sleep is so critical, they’ve yet to come up with a firm answer. Now, new research offers yet another compelling theory: sleep allows our brains to clean themselves up. 

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